Environmental Benefits Of Fracking

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Overview: Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release oil and natural gas trapped there. The name fracking refers to how the rock is fractured apart by the high-pressure mixture. The process can be performed vertically, but most commonly it is carried out by drilling the rock layer horizontally. Fracking has become an energy revolution in the United States as most energy experts thought that domestic energy supplies in the United States were declining. With advances in fracking, US natural gas production has climbed by as much as 25 percent in recent years.
Fracking Benefits: Fracking can provide struggling rural communities with an economic boom. …show more content…

Each fracking job requires 1 to 8 million gallons of water to complete. When such large amounts of water are required to complete a fracking job, it places undue stress on water supplies especially in areas experiencing drought. Another concern among environmentalists is that contamination of drinking water has the potential to invade groundwater drinking wells near drilling areas, or old oil and gas wells, where the new operations could blow out their seals or create a vertical conduit to upward aquifers or the surface. With the recent rollback of regulation requiring fracking companies to disclose the chemicals they use, there is concern that some companies are possibly using hazardous chemicals. Finally, there is some trepidation that a rise in earthquakes in the United States is because of fracking.
Solution: Fracking should not be prohibited because it is a valuable means to supply domestic energy in the United States, while also being a short-term economic driver and providing a cleaner energy source than coal. There are serious implications to providing energy by fracking such as drinking water contamination, release of toxic pollutants, and earthquakes namely. Concern over fracking causing earthquakes is mostly a myth as fracking itself is not the cause of most earthquakes, rather wastewater disposal which is produced at all oil wells not just fracking …show more content…

The states who allow it, gain the benefit of economic development that fracking brings with it and nationally a cleaner energy source than coal can be provided at less cost. The negative externalities associated with fracking can be eliminated with regulations that require companies to publicly disclose and make readily available the chemicals used in fracking, mandating centralized wastewater treatment facilities and levying large fines against those who fail to comply. By allowing fracking with stricter regulation, the goal is to move to a cleaner more renewable energy source more quickly with as minimized damage to the environment as possible while allowing economic development in the

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