Environmental Factors Of Love By Fitzgerald And Fitzgerald By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Love, a word that is uttered so often. A word that has been immersed into music and art and theatre. An emotion that can be considered one of the strongest and most powerful of them all. The way love is perceived differs from one person to the other. And the way it is written about, concludes the way an author or musician may feel about this certain emotion. Ask an author to elucidate their idea of love, and they may conceivably tell you all about heartbreak. On the other hand, you could ask another author and they will speak about it with gleaming stars in their eyes, as if they were born on this earth solely to fall in love.

People express love in different ways, and this is due to their past experiences with it. This all comes back to …show more content…

F. Scott Fitzgerald, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1896. The prime of his time was spent between the 1920s and 30s, “The Jazz Age”. Which was exhibited in most of his novels. His environmental factors played a huge part in influencing the way he constructed the era in which he placed his characters in. While William Shakespeare, was born in 1560’s and died in 1616. That is a huge gap in time between him and Fitzgerald, which generates an enormous distinction between the variety in writing due to the environmental factors that affect the writer’s style. The prime of Shakespeare's time was spent in The Elizabethan Era, which is prominent in all of Shakespeare’s work- the clothing and way the characters lived was solely based off the Elizabethan Era.

To particularize this further, two pieces of work that stood out the most to me were Romeo And Juliet, William Shakespeare's most notorious play and The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s preeminent novel. These two are from completely different era’s, and in entirely disparate places in the world. Two independent, creative minds creating different pieces of work and yet somehow a resemblance between them seems to …show more content…

The main characters, are conflicting individuals in terms of their living standards. Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby, complete opposites yet the best of friends. Jay Gatsby was the embodiment of perfection. For that reason specifically, many people have seen a certain link between him and Fitzgerald. As if Gatsby was what Fitzgerald aspired to be- for example; Fitzgerald fell short of serving in the military during World Wide 1. While Gatsby was a prideful veteran. He believed the time he spent serving his country shaped his character and made him the man he

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