Environmental Issues Of Water Pollution

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Reflect on environmental issues you learned about in this course so far. What have been the most important decisive experiences or convincing arguments in shaping your own attitudes?
The earth is the danger of many environmental issues. We see air pollution, global warming, overpopulation, natural resources extinction, waste disposal; all these environmental crises heighten year after year and will continue to cause tragedies to us in the future. We should all take these issues seriously and actively curb these environmental crises from worsening day after day. It greatly impacted my thoughts about the water pollution that was happening in my surrounding while I was going through this course. Water is a very important element in human’s
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"Heavy rain over the last few days caused the water level in the river to rise which made it drag down foreign material like rubbish ("Water supply disruption in parts of Seremban, Port Dickson", 2016)”. There were flooding caused by heavy rains that carry rubbishes and have led to water odor issues. There were reported suspected water odor coming from improper chemical waste discharges from factories plants into the river system. These water issues have brought great awareness to myself realizing the severity of poor quality water that would be the main drinking water source for my family. I no longer feel secure to use the water right from the tap without having the tap water goes through another set of water filters at home. Not only that, I don’t think filtered water at homes is fully safe for drinking. Again, boiling the filtered water before drinking has become a routine at home.
Realizing the importance of water has changed my perspective on the importance of environment I would be keen to preserve water the best I can daily. One small act at a time, hopefully, can contribute positive change to the future for a cleaner and safer world to live in.
List three strategies to make you city more environmentally sustainable. Explain each strategy.
Malaysia is a tropical country and has hot humid weather throughout the year. We get plenty of sunshine 365 days all year around. I
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