Environmental Problems Facing The Earth

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Patton, Cade
AP Environmental Science

The biggest environmental problem that faces Earth today is pollution. There are a bunch types of pollution on planet Earth but by far air pollution is the deadliest. Air pollution can inhibit the breathing of living organisms. Many major companies including Exxonmobil and Bp who are leading the air pollution race with a Exxonmobil averaging 39 million tons of emissions. These emissions are released into the air by the process of making gasoline and chemicals. The second biggest environmental problem Earth faces each year is the decrease of natural resources. When it comes to natural resources the depletion of fossil fuels and deforestation are destroying the planet. Deforestation is the removal of trees in a wide area to the point of where it's almost not a forest anymore. On the other hand the depletion of fossil fuels is scary because fossil fuels are a nonrenewable resource. They are nonrenewable because they are being used up faster than they are being created. And it can take up to millions of years for more fossil fuels to be created. And finally for my third pick of the biggest environmental problems facing the Earth is the depletion of its Ozone layer. Some chemicals named Chlorine and bromine are in the atmosphere and are deteriorating the Ozone layer which consists of three hydrogen atoms.
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