Water Pollution In North Americe

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I thing that the most pressing issue for our enviornment in North Americe, is the pollution of our air and water. I believe this is the biggest issue because it effects everyone, and everyone should care. Some people may not care how many trees we cut down, or the fact that their fruits and veggitables are all geneticly modified and are coverd in pestisides. And if they dont care about our air and water now, they deffinately will when it staarts to make them sick, or they have to wear and face mask covering their mouth and nose in order to breathe outside without getting completed contaminated. Or when they start drinking unfiltered water, and chugging down loads of floride, and start to notice themselvees getting less healthy. I believe that this is an increasing issue as more, and more factories are being built, more cars are…show more content…
I, personally don't that that just turning off your water taps when your not using them will do too much, concidering that water is not necessarily clean eather, I mean, unless you like drinking floride. One thing people could do is get water filters in their homes and drink that. If you do this then you wouldn't have to go buy water bottles or gallons. If you do, in fact, have filters installed, then it would be more essential to turn off your taps when they are not in use. And in terms of our air polution we should just all ride horses everywhere. No? Okay, then we could walk more, if there is and park that could be maybe a five minute walk, why waste the gas in your ca to drive there. Maybe we shouldnt be putting our factrine so close together. For one thing, where I live Dallas, Fort-Worth and Houston Texas are getting so large and are growing so fast that it won't be too long until their touching eachother. (I honestly do not remember what this is called but i know there is a word for
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