Environmental Protection Agency ( Epa ) Federal Agents

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Should Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) federal agents be able to carry firearms? Roberto Pastrana CRJU 4930 Wednesdays 4.30 P.M.-9.00 P.M. Georgia State University Abstract While interning at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at Criminal Investigation Division (CID) many of the EPA agents are faced with decisions/ life threatening situations that are affected due to firearms. The central point for this essay is whether EPA federal agents should be able to carry firearms. Some of the people/criminals they have to come in counter with have a prior history in the criminal justice system. This meaning dealing with a variety of people with weapons, and criminal, violent records. The purpose of this paper is to determine if EPA federal agents actually need to carry firearms. The purpose is also to raise awareness to the public that just because the agents deal with federal environmental violations that they are being out sourced by violent offenders, as well as providing resources to better equip the future of federal EPA agents. Facts and Background about EPA Agents Did you know EPA has a federal criminal Investigation division with a 90% conviction rate? (About EPA). Surprisingly not that many people know what EPA stands for or what they do. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Also known as the EPA was established in July 1970 by congress in response of the growing demand by the public for cleaner water, air, and land. By
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