Epilogue To Margot

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7 More Years

The children unlocked the door. With tears on her face, Margot slowly walked towards the door and pushed it lightly. The kids glanced at each other, wondering who was going to tell her about the event. They all felt extremely guilty.“We….um”, one of them started.
“I was right”, Margot began.
“The sun came out, didn’t it?”
“Uh….well… yes”.
The children all looked at the ground sadly, not knowing what else to say. They couldn’t help but feel horrible. Margot silently walked past them. She had a chance to see the sun again, and had missed it because of the class. She was able to see the sunlight through the crack of the door, but she wanted to see the real deal. When the teacher saw Margot with tear stains on her face, she immediately came to a realization. She had never seen Margot with any of the kids. Where was she? She was definitely not outside. “M-Margot, you weren’t outside, were you?”, the teacher questioned. The girl just stared out into space, she didn’t know what to say.
“Why didn’t you come out? Where were you?”
Margot was silent. “She was kind of locked in there”, William announced, pointing at the closet. He was speaking for himself and all the children.
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William and the rest of the kids knew what they did was terribly wrong. The teacher pulled the group into her classroom, letting the girl settle her thoughts and freeroam. Tears rolled down her face as she let all of her emotions spill, she felt anger, jealousy, and sadness all at the same time. “7 more years”, she thought. “7 more years until I can see the sun
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