Epilogue To Penelope's House

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I didn’t expect my day to end like this. I am Antinous, leader of the Suitors. Today I broke into Penelope’s house. I see a strange man standing there. He looked very old. Telemachus told me to greet him as well as offer him food. I greeted him in such an unmannerly way. He started speaking with me, I got slowly annoyed. I spotted a stool, directly aiming at his right shoulder hitting him perfectly! I nearly broke it. “DAMN YOU!” He shouted. Penelope happened to be in the room, standing in the corner, seeing everything. “DO YOU TREAT GOD LIKE THAT?!” She bawled at me. My green eyes are filled with anger. “My apologies my queen.” I said. “You show no excellence here in Ithaca.” She cried out.

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