Explain The Concepts Of Equality Diversity And Rights In Health And Social Care

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Unit 2- Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care BMC151629682 Zara Ahmed Hayley Walls Explain the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care Within the sector of health and social care the concepts of equality, diversity, and rights have made a huge impact in relation. All three concepts have benefited the health and social care segment which has resulted in all service users being treated equally no matter what their differences may be. A key concept in relation to health and social care is equality. Equality is ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity no matter what their characteristics are. These can include; sex, race, age, disability, sexuality or particular interests. Treating people equally by following the equality act guarantees they all have access to the same life opportunities as one another. Having equality in place has effected the health and social care sector by informing people their opinion is open to be said, and they should feel comfortable within the health and social care setting they are apart of. For example, in a doctor surgery all users of the service are open to spending as short a period or as long a period of time they feel is necessary with their GP rather than being restricted to a certain time due to their religion or a disability. No matter what their features are like or how their appearances are presented all patients whom facilitate the doctor surgery will be

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