Equality In Sports

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Introduction Title IX changed the philosophy of sports establishing that a person’s sex cannot deny their participation in sports. This allowed women one step closer to equality throughout the workplace, at school, and even at home. Back in the day, women were only destined to be a housewife or a secretary. Not a lawyer, or involved in math and sciences, or even become a business owner. Girls in classrooms would raise their hand less because they didn’t have a reason to retain knowledge and they knew acknowledging the question would be useless in the field they choose to study. With Title IX, young girls are given the chance to play sports. Sports allow athletes to know how to retain information, make new friends, discipline, and how to work …show more content…

In addition, Wallace’s article supports the message of equal pay for women athletes implying, “The average salary for WNBA player is $72,000 which doesn’t include bonuses and benefits, while the average salary for an NBA player is around $5 million” (Wallace, 2016). Due to some women and men playing the same sport wouldn’t their salaries be equal.In our society, it is socially acceptable to put your son in football and your daughter in dance. This claim is supported by illustrating, “Furthermore, sport has always been seen as a masculinized entity, and therefore, women are perceived as intruding on male boundaries” (Senne, 2016). Stereotypes for women athletes is established when they are young and unfortunately continues throughout their …show more content…

For example the use stereotypes such as, “That boys are supposed to play sports and girls are suppose play with their Barbie dolls”. In addition, male athletes dominate in the sports world and fans are more likely to watch male athletes than female athletes. In fact, this influences lower salaries for women in athletics. The problem starts with parents who don’t give their daughters a chance to play sports. The need to allow them to make a choice and assume that there is no interest what so ever just for the simple fact that they are a girl. Together if we can establish one of these solutions we can create a balance in the social environment and make it acceptable for a women to be able play a

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