Eric In An Inspector Calls By J. B. Priestley

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An inspector calls

This essay will be about Eric
Eric is not very polite, shy but has a loud voice.
He's also an alcoholic

In 'An Inspector Calls' by JB Priestley, the character of Eric demonstrates that he is a polite but a shy person throughout the play.


This essay will analyze Eric, a character who is shown in a play/book 'An inspector calls', written by J.B Priestly. The play was performed for the first time in 1945, but The book takes place in 1912. The book takes place in a fictional town called "Brumley". The plot of this book is to show how women were treated at the time and how people didn't really act towards this unfair treatment against women. World War II had just ended and Europe had to rebuild all of it again. Assuming by the storyline of the book, J.B priestly seems to have a very strong view and option on social inequality in Great Britain. He was not afraid to share his opinions and thoughts publicly.

This essay is about a character, Eric who's …show more content…

Eric is a character created by J.B Priestley Personally; there aren't any connections between Priestley's past and Eric. From Eric’s point of view, the whole story wasn't for him, rather he was just a side character

Eric is an alcoholic or a heavy drinker, but he plays an important role in Eva Smiths death. He really made a lot of mistakes in the past and he feels quilt towards his father, but one thing that he doesn't feel about was drinking. The reason to this might be caused by his own actions that lead to embarrassment and the only way to get it out was to have a cup of wine. Eric’s "addiction" to alcohol really makes him seem like a young person who is still trying to develop skills to reduce stress and embarrassment towards his family and others.


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