Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation: Undermining American Values

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Andrew F. Smith once said, “Eating at fast food outlets and other restaurants is simply a manifestation of the commodification of time coupled with the relatively low value many Americans have placed on the food they eat”. In the non-fiction book, “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, the author had first-hand experiences on the aspects of fast food and conveyed that it has changed agriculture that we today did not have noticed. We eat fast food everyday and it has become an addiction that regards many non-beneficial factors to our health. Imagine the wealthy plains of grass and a farm that raises barn animals and made contributions to our daily consumptions. Have you ever wonder what the meatpacking companies and slaughterhouses had…show more content…
During this cataclysmic event on farmers, the death rate of suicidal farmers have gone far above that surpasses the death rate of war veterans and shell shock disorders. Eric also described, “On top of all that, the growth of the fast food chains has encouraged consolidation in the meatpacking industries” (Schlosser 136). The tactics of the typical American fast food corporations are unfair to the farmers and ranchers, which causes sufferings on the marketing of cattle and the depletion of meat prices. As long as customers continue to buy the fast food products, meatpacking companies would continue to buy as many cattle as they want by the price that have been minimized to the least from the farmers and ranchers. Farming, ranching, and meatpacking are influenced by fast food, but nutrition and health of customers are impacted as well Fast food products are addicting and does taste good, but a majority of the American population does not recognize the least amount of nutrition being taken in and the major amount of chemicals being consumed. Once again, Eric demonstrated, “When Harding opened it, nobody was there. But he found a note on the door from the Pueblo City-County Health Department. It said that his stool sample had tested positive for Escherichia Coli

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