Analysis of Eric Schlosser´s Fast Food Nation

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Eric Schlosser’s novel Fast Food Nation provides a deep insight into the systematic and unified world of the fast food industry. From the title alone, readers develop a clear sense of the author’s intention for writing this book. Schlosser’s purpose for writing the novel is to raise awareness about the impact and consequences of fast food industries on society. The purpose of the novel is achieved by the author’s use of personal stories, and by relating fast food to various aspects of society. The invasion of fast food is hard to overlook and its domineering power can penetrate the utmost formidable barriers. Despite the million dollar security system in place at the Cheyenne Mountain military base, fast food deliveries frequently infiltrate the base with its readily made cheap goods (Schlosser 2). Schlosser’s input of the scenario shows audiences that the fast food industry wield greater power than the American military. With that mindset implanted, Schlosser can freely explore and expose the facades of the industry’s power. Schlosser dedicates majority of the novel to the meatpacking industries and its close, intimate relationship with the fast food industry. Over the last fifty years, meatpacking have gone from being a well-paid and desirable position, to a minimum wage labor supplied mainly by illiterate, illegal immigrants (Schlosser 154). A new meatpacking system integrated in the 1960s quickened production rate by implanting the ideology of the assembly line and
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