Escape to the Land of China in the Middle of Downtown Portland with Lan Su in Bloom

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It is a season of change as one chapter at Portland State closes and another begins. Spring is an opportunity to renew our body and mind - a REAWAKENING.

Escape to the faraway land of China, in the middle of Downtown Portland as Lan Su Chinese Garden sheds the cold and gray of winter to “drink in the fragrance” of spring with Lan Su in Bloom beginning April 1.

April and May will be filled with sight and scents of special lush floral arrangements and unique plant displays. There will also be plant walks with Lan Su’s horticulture staff and talks by a variety of plant and garden experts.

“Walled in a unique micro climate we are a bit warmer and protected, plants tend to bloom earlier in the spring - they wake up!” said Glin Varco, Lan Su’s Director of Horticulture.

Featured are four of China’s most auspicious and culturally significant plants: rhododendrons, camellias, peonies and magnolias. These will be displayed as prize-winning cuts and talked about by several master gardeners during the Plant Talk Series.

The first of a series of eight talks as part of Lan Su in Bloom will be given by Varco. This talk will focus on the 1000 year history of many plants at Lan Su that were originally planted due to their significance as symbols and how those plants have been used as botanical motifs throughout the arts in China.

A Chinese plum, Prunus mume, blossoms in the cold of late winter and early spring. It is a classic Asian aesthetic of five petals. “It manages in the

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