Esperanza Character Analysis: The House On Mango Street

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I chose this quote because it displays the division of gender, or split into two sides based on boys and girls. Women were thought to be inferior to men and men dominated the society. Esperanza had no friends other than her brothers who would not be seen with her in public. I choose to incorporate this quote into my journal because the women are deemed as powerless. However Esperanza is willing to make a change and be an individual by not being dependent on anyone else. When the author writes about a balloon being tied down by an anchor, I think it beautifully paints a picture of Esperanza’s loneliness and isolation. As I read through the book, I noticed how the color red seemed to continue popping up. Because Esperanza cannot interact with …show more content…

Esperanza was named after her great-grandmother who was taken away by her great-grandfather and was never able to accomplish anything. Unlike her great-grandmother, Esperanza wants to achieve so much more than sitting by a window. Esperanza's determination strikes through as she has dreams of making something of herself. This is a lesson that anyone can learn from today and that is why I included this quote. As Esperanza continues to live on Mango Street, she struggles to make friends although there are several neighbors. Having a friendship seems very important to Esperanza and the concept of friendship. I think she wants a friend so she can fit in rather than being with her younger sister who is too “immature.” When Esperanza says, “people like us,” I am assuming that she is referring to her being Latino. Usually most people interpret Latino people as those with violent backgrounds and those who live in dangerous neighborhoods. It seems like she is ashamed of her roots because she is isolated and labeled into something she really is …show more content…

It seems like she is united with the people who live on her street which keys into her making some friends which was something she wanted. Also is shows how other people assume that people who live in a certain neighborhood behave in a dangerous way. I chose this passage because they were poor, young girls, a dollar could have tempted them to carry out the action. They lived in a time where women were expected to listen to men and follow their every single order. Luckily, the four girls fled from the situation and escaped the predator who was sexually harassing

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