Essay About A Short Story

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There they were. They were going to get you the best gil around. Approaching them had to be executed in the most careful way. Killer bees and wasps swarmed the area, they've been causing quite the fuss (or should I say buzz) lately. Finally a hunt was offered, and with the amount of gil that came with it, it would take more than five other hunts to equal it. "Their toxin is extremely dangerous, we should execute caution and avoid any stings." Ignis whispered to the rest of you. "Prompto, if you stay back, you can easily eliminate the foe, we will distract them in the meantime." "Hell yeah! Ready or not, here I come." Prompto called his weapons, just like the rest of you, and tossed a grin your way. Your cheeks felt warm suddenly, but…show more content…
You covered your mouth, taking it all in, before letting out a squeal. "Ohmygods Prompto you're so cute!" You cried, pulling him into your chest. He became flustered, shaking his arms quickly. "Y/N let me go, I can't breathe-" You let go of him and took it all in again, you took his hands and squeezed them, then moved your hands to his cheeks, giving them a gentle squeeze as well. His cheeks were burning red, it was so cute! The other guys surrounded the two of you, Ignis examining the situation while Gladio and Noctis joined in on messing with him. "It seems their toxin transformed you into your past self." Ignis murmured thoughtfully. "Yeah, I can see that, how do I change back?" Prompto asked, standing up and brushing off his shorts. You pinched at his legs, and he swatted your hand away. "It won't be permanent, sometime tonight you should return to normal." "Tonight?! But it's five in the morning." He whined, you nearly fell over and fainted. "Come on Prompto, you don't look that bad." Gladio teased. "Oh stop being mean." You playfully pushed Gladio. You lifted Prompto up with ease, which made him turn red. "I can't, you're so cute Prompto." You continued to pull at his cheeks. "I'd rather hear that when we're actually the same age." He grumbled, which made you giggle. From that day on, the four of you treated him like a kid, ordering from the kids menu at the Crow's Nest, making him sit in the back with you and Gladio,
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