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When I was in second grade, my Chinese teacher would raise my papers up to the class, beaming with pride. She thought my handwriting was excellent, and a deserving of admiration from my peers. My teacher’s supportive encouragement was the initial reason I became interested in calligraphy.

My handwriting teacher, Mr. Gu, thought that my handwriting was good enough for me to begin learning the art of Chinese Calligraphy. It was a special honor, as many classmates desired to learn calligraphy as well, but they were not noted as outstanding students in handwriting, and so were not given the opportunity. My continued success in the art of calligraphy became something special and unique I could share, during a time when so many students were still figuring out who they were and where their talents lay. This increased my enthusiasm and motivation to learn the calligraphy at the highest level.

Upon beginning to learn Chinese calligraphy, Mr. Gu gave every student a different style of copybook. My copybook was Ouyang style. I …show more content…

The coherence of handwriting and the power of the handwriting overtook me. During this time, one other thing also stood out: My cousin’s handwriting was not very good; however, although she knew this, she still felt happy every time she would practice. This called up memories about my own passion for calligraphy, which I had given up. I felt like I was still interested in calligraphy, and sad that I had left it just because I didn’t feel confident in the quality of my work. After reading my cousin’s copybook, I decided to pick my passion back up. I started by trying my hand at some cursive calligraphy, because I always wrote in big size (whereas the size of Lanting Xu, the type I used to write, was very small). I found a new teacher and got help perfecting my art. After two months, I found that my practice was paying off--I learned to write very

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