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Mother: Doctor! My daughter has been just been sad all the time. I keep telling her to “stop being sad”, but she doesn’t listen.
Psychiatrist: Emotions are not that simple, and in this case, it may be the sign of a bigger issue. How long has she been this way?
Mother: For one month, it has been awful for all of us.
Psychiatrist: One month? Besides the depressed mood, is there any other symptoms that she has been experiencing?
Mother: She’s gained a lot of weight and never wants to do anything.
Psychiatrist: Does she seem to be sleeping more or less? Does she move more or less than she used to?
Mother: She moves much slower then she used to, but I don’t see how that applies to anything. Her sleeping is perfectly fine. She’s just sad, why …show more content…

Which does the daughter not have?
The nine symptoms are depressed mood, lack of pleasure, weight loss or gain, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, psychomotor agitation or retardation, loss of energy, feeling worthless, inability to concentrate, and suicidal ideation. The daughter does not have issues with sleep or an inability to concentrate.
The psychiatrist states, “Emotions are not that simple.” What does he mean by that? How does that connect with what the mother says?
Emotions are complex and follow multiple pathways with many different brain structures. Emotions are controlled by the situation, how a person interprets it, and finally the psychological response. Because of the complexity of emotions, to change emotions, it is not as simple as stopping the negative on as the mother seems to claim.
How is sadness caused by Major Depressive Disorder different than sadness caused by a person who just lost a family member?
The major difference between sadness caused by Major Depressive Disorder and the loss of a family member is how it originates. Sadness from the loss of a family is a natural reaction that has a clear cause. It is temporary and is not correlated with abnormalities within the brain. On the other hand, Major Depressive Disorder is caused by an imbalance in neurotransmitters and issues with the activation of different brain structures. This type of sadness is caused by abnormalities in the brain and is long-term.

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