Essay About Dominican Republic

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I. Introduction a) Story/ Personal Experience: When I was around 14 years old my uncle went to to visit Dominican Republic with his Lebanese girlfriend, who was visiting the country for the first time. When they arrived to my house, I was eating something Dominicans call “kipes”, which is a fried wheat ball with meat inside. When she saw me eating she got closed to me and said “so you like Lebanese food,” and I laughed and said “this is Dominican, and that we have been eating this since forever.” Then she insisted that what I was eating was called Kibbeh and that Dominicans probably created their own version of this supposedly Lebanese dish. So after arguing wit her and telling her that all Dominican dishes are influenced by African or Spanish cuisine, she insisted that the Kibbeh has been part of Lebanon even before Dominican Republic was discovered. a) Overview of the Topic: To understand how and why Arabic immigrants arrived to the Dominican Republic, we must analyze Dominican and the history of the Ottoman empire during the 19th century. There were two main waves of immigration of what today is known as Lebanon and Syria, which at that time was the Ottoman empire. …show more content…

Even though they started other methods to transport their products, this wasn’t effective enough, so the majority of merchants in this area decided to look for job opportunities overseas. All the ones that arrived to Dominican Republic dedicated to the manufactory and sale of products and organized a club called “The Syrian Lebanese Palestinian Club” in an effort to keep their identity and costumes strong from Dominican

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