The Culture of Dominicans Essay

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THE CULTURE OF THE DOMINICANS 2 . Culture is the thoughts, communications, actions, beliefs, values, and institutions racial, ethnic, religious, or social groups (Jarvis, 2012, p 14). Every culture has its own view/ understanding about health care, health and illnesses. Although what might be seen as acceptable in one culture, may not be acceptable in another, regardless of where you are health care and culture will always exist. My definition of culture is the way someone lives his or her life in a daily basis; which includes things like the language one speaks in and out of the home, food one eats, music one listens to, and one religious practice. The culture I will be…show more content…
The type of American food she prepares are ribs, rice, mashed potato and green salad, and spaghetti. She usually eats breakfast between eight and nine in the morning, lunch between eleven to one in the afternoon, dinner around five to seven in the evening, then super at nine at night. In the Dominican culture, when it comes to illness and health, there is no real explanation as to why people get sick. Some believe illness is caused by natural factors such as a dysfunction in the body; others believe illness is due to supernatural causes such as punishment from evil ancestral spirits or somebody sends the evil spirits after them to harm them. When asked about views of health and illness, she stated that most Dominicans interpret health as being up, active and not being in bed where one is unable to take care of his or her self. Many Dominicans believe that if you are not in bed, therefore you are healthy. Many Dominicans believe in folk practice to promote health, for example: a problems that are seen as natural and spiritual are treated with prayer and ritual. Problems that are believed to be supernatural are treated with the help of a witch, healer, or a voodoo priest. For instance, the Catholics practice Spiritism and Santeria by praying the saints to grant them favors and heal them. Some may consult a healer who usually enters in contact with the saint spiritually to ask the saints
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