Essay About Economic Crisis

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The current state of the world came to the point when going through the daily news became overwhelming. It is no longer shocking to hear of conflicts and economic crises all around the world. Over the past decade, the world suffered Syrian civil war, Iraqi civil war, Greek government-debt crisis, Ukrainian crisis and many other devastating moments. [Dear Reader: Do the examples provided in the end seem redundant? Add more of them to better support the point? ] As human beings, we strive for harmony and balance in life. The chaotic world we live in today significantly impacts us in the ways we may not fully comprehend. For example, according to a researched conducted in 2017, “In the USA, figures published in April 2016 showed a suicide …show more content…

Since harmony and balance in life grant, the ground for mental stability current world’s state stress levels are too high and need to be dealt with. One of the ways to make sure that people keep their mental health in check is to provide an opportunity to have a therapy session at least once a year. Even though nowadays people are more open and understanding towards psychologist services, a certain stigma that prevents many to seek professional help still exists. If such services were required to attend those who needed help or simple consultation would receive it regularly. On the contrary, some may argue that health and especially mental health are individual’s personal concerns and they should remain the way. However, from the Golberstein’s study, it is clear that not many of the adults —especially older adults— seek help on their own which results in tragic consequences such as high levels of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and comorbid mood and anxiety disorder (2). As it has been stated in the Bhagavad-Gita, “[Krishna says] Without discipline, he has no understanding or inner power, without inner power, he has no peace, and without peace where is joy? ” (Miller 28) In other words, one must find a way to take control of their mind in order to find harmony and live a fuller life. [Dear Reader: What do you think about this paragraph’s flow? Does it work with the main idea? Some of the claims

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