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The struggle for freedom is big, people will always have reasons for not letting you have it. No matter what kind of freedom you want, you will always have to work and fight for other people and yourself to find it. Over the years there has been a lot of hate but also a lot hope, considering this there are a lot of controlling people who want power, but there is also a lot who are selfless and want that freedom from society and primitive thinking. These are qualities a lot of people have but, there is people who have persevered and never quit fighting for what they believe. In the collection of texts that we’ve read, freedom is obtained by never ceasing from fighting for what you want, no matter how many people don’t want you to have it. …show more content…

These women didn’t care what the officials said or thought that they could or could not do, they were just tired of being treated that way. “We confronted the regime as best we could”(Satrapi 84). This text represented the way Muslim woman did everything could and fight off and let the men know they were not going to give up. Even if they were small acts of rebellion, they were going to do their best to never give in to the way they were treating them and always fight for that freedom they so deeply needed. My last reason I have for making this claim is seeing the way Junior fought of all the stereotypes about Indians not having a future and never being able to leave the reservation. He went to Reardon no matter how much people hated him or judged for it because they all felt betrayed. They all didn’t believe he could do it just because they thought he didn’t belong there or maybe just because they didn’t think he was smart enough. “I’m never going to surrender to anyone, never, never, ever”(Alexie 186). This passage shows the way he was not going to let anyone get in this way, even if the whole reservation hated him for leaving and finally getting freedom from all that negativity ,he just wanted to succeed. This meant he was always going to fight against those people and never give up even if everyone was telling him to fail. “I’m never going to quit living life this hard you know?”(Alexie 186). With this quote he

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