Essay About Holden's Attitude In Catcher In The Rye

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In the novel the Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield doesn't always know how to express himself. Holden has an interesting way to express his emotions towards woman, therefore, Holdens attitude towards women change. He doesn't always have the best way to express how he feels towards the women in his life. Holden does have some good relationships with some women. Holden tries to keep himself free to be with girls but he never actually goes and follows through. He tries to preserve himself from growing up. He tries to keep himself from change. Holden has a mood changing relationship with Sunny, an authentic relationship with Phoebe, and a fantasy relationship with Jane.
Holden has relationships based on his mood in that minute. Holden thinks
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Holden gets kicked out of yet another school and all he wants to do is see his little sister, Phoebe. Holden loves Phoebe very much, he also thinks very highly of her. He thinks that she is an amazing dancer and that she is really pretty. After Allie died Holden seemed to get the closest with Phoebe. He knows how much she loves listening to records. When Holden is in broadway he buys Phoebe a record because he couldn’t stop thinking about her and thinking about going home to see her. On Holden’s way home something horrible had happened. “I dropped old Phoebe’s record. It broke, into fifty pieces. I damn near cried, it made me feel so terrible, but all I did was, I took the pieces out of the envelope and put them in my coat pocket,”(Salinger 170). Holden had such a good appreciation for his sister that even though she didn’t know about the record, It still felt right to Holden to keep the pieces. It killed him inside that he had broke it before he was able to give it to her. Holden returned home and snuck into his own house just so he could see Phoebe before he’d come home for “vacation”. While Holden and phoebe's relationship was real and authentic he also had what seemed to be his first relationship with a
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