Essay About Moving To College

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When reading this prompt I immediately thought of my first day moving into the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My parents never had the chance to go to college and when they helped me move in it was a moment that I knew I would remember the rest of my life. For many it is special but, it wasn’t necessarily that I was at college it was more about how I got out of my comfort zone and made it happen. I was never really pushed by my family to pursue further education. I am the first in my family to go to college and it’s honestly a blessing to be able to have the opportunity that others don’t have. I plan on also being the first to graduate in my family from a University. I’m really hoping that I influence my fellow peers and family…show more content…
Growing up in high school I was molded by work ethic. At only the age of 16 I knew what my plan was for college and I worked hard to save my money. I skipped all the parties, football games, and late nights doing things that wouldn’t contribute to my future. I was in charge of a stain crew from age 16-19 which wasn’t a typical teenagers job after school. I started community college and I was unsure about being a business major because I had never had a business related position. Eventually I made the bold decision to walk into the sales office to talk with the sales manager about working with him. Luckily the sales manager liked my determination and spoke with the other employees in administration that knew me, thus resulting in my new position in sales. I have always believed that if a person wants something enough that it is usually attainable with effort. Starting my first position in sales confirmed my passion for enriching the lives of others through business. During my Freshman year of college, I was working the full time sales position and going to college full time. I was only 19 and had 3 years of manger experience and now was selling and designing log cabins. This was a win-win situation for me and certainly the CEO of the company because I got some great experience and he got a low cost employee to generate revenue. I lost a lot of friends when I learned how to prioritize reaching my goals and I
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