Essay About My Birthday

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One morning on an exciting saturday, on Pismo Beach, August in the year 6028 a boy named Sam woke up to the delicious smell of bacon and french toast. Today was exciting because today is Sam’s 14th birthday, and he got to spend it with his family and friends. Probably one of the most exciting things for Sam, was that today he was going to get all of the attention and presents and sweets, and maybe that amazing 3609 Hoverboard he’s been begging from his parents for the longest time. Sam got ready with his new clothes and some cool shoes he got from his grandma before she left out of state, after he got done dressing he walked down stairs as quickly as possible. He couldn’t think he could wait any longer, his mouth was watering with that delicious smell of bacon and french toast his mother made him, guessing it was a surprise for his birthday. Before going down stairs, Sam grabbed his phone and he had a lot of text messages from his friends wishing him a happy birthday, he knew today was going to be a great day. Sam ran downstairs, to his family, his mom, dad, and younger sister, he saw a cake with freshly lit candles and then came a loud burst of voices singing happy birthday. Sam enjoyed every moment he could, knowing that this day is the only day he will turn 14, then he blew out the candles. He looked over to his left and saw some presents, some were small and big, but the one he really noticed was this medium sized box, he was hoping it was that 3609 Hoverboard. His

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