Essay About My Mother

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Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’’ My mother was that “brave man” who didn’t let fears get in her way. She taught me to become a strong women and have courage in your life. She was the one who educated me to lead a successful journey. Now, here I am telling the story of how my mother influenced me to become the young women I am today. My mother had very little education when she came to America at the age of 34 with her three children and a husband. She didn’t know much about the country when she arrived. My mother, who didn’t know how to speak or write in English had to …show more content…

I felt my heart getting tighten, my stomach starting to compress, my whole body was just full of sweat thinking to myself, “omg, how will I get home, what will happen if I’m lost and never find my way back, this is so annoying. what do I do?’’ My head was just spinning everywhere. Thinking of so many ways of how I can do this or get out of this absurd mess. I was 16 and already afraid. Meanwhile, as I was getting ready to go the city ON MY OWN, I was planning in my mind on what train to take to get there and come back home. After getting all dressed up and still having that anxious feeling in me, I walked downstairs, stopped, took a deep breath and told myself that I can do this. As I put my converse shoes on and walked towards the car, my sister tells me “just relax, you can do this.” While she is driving me to the ferry, I looked through the window and I saw hundreds of people walking and talking on their phone. Then all of a sudden, my pupils started to dilate after seeing this young lady with a blue striped dress who looks like around my age all by herself wandering around Staten Island. In my mind all of a sudden, I'm thinking this could be her first time exploring the island herself and she doesn’t seem afraid. So then I started to ask myself, “if she can do it, then why should I be afraid to go to the city on my own.” Finally, as I reached the ferry, my sister stops the car at the side of the curb and reminds me what

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