Essay on Appreciating Mom

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Growing Lily

At age three I said “I love you mommy.” At age seven I said, “Mom, stop kissing my cheek!” At age fifteen I say, “You’re so annoying – I can’t wait to move out!” At age eighteen, I’ll be saying “I miss home.” At age twenty-seven I’ll be saying “I miss my mom.” At age forty I’ll be saying “I miss you so much; I wish you didn’t have to go.” My mom is the sun to my shine. My mother is a hard worker. She loves what she does for a living. She does arrangements for peoples’ houses. I’ve seen her work from 7 a.m. to midnight at times. The hard work pays off but most of her earnings go to bills or groceries. When she has a new project, she goes shopping for flowers to make what mental image she has in her into reality. The
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She has the power to make you smile when you’re down, make you cry by telling a story, keep you under control when you’re too rowdy and get angry when needed. Family is an important thing to my mother. She loves to spend as much time as she can with them. She believes in the Hawaiian saying, “Ohanna: Nobody gets left behind.” This past summer we went on a cruise ship. The whole side of my mom’s family had gone. I enjoyed my time there, especially when we arrived in Cozumel, MX. One of the most embarrassing things that could happen to me frightened my mom to death. Purging is said to make you lose weight. The banging on the restroom door startled me knowing I would be caught. From that point on she took extra care of my health. Looking after what I ate, when I should exercise etc. When I was fourteen, my parents and I made a deal that if I lost twenty pounds, I would be able to get my first tattoo. She supported me with it, thus, me losing the weight. Not everyone grows up with manners. I have a high tolerance for respect. Growing up going to church every Sunday due to my mom helped me adapt to maturity. Not that I’m highly bipolar, but I do lose my temper really drastically. I’ve been taught by my mom to forgive and forget. Through the worst of her times that people have put her through; she forgives. She tells me I have the blood of my dad seeing as how I will always hold a grudge towards someone no matter what. I know my mom wants the best for her kids,
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