Essay About Obstacles

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Many people choose to avoid obstacles and give up once it has appeared. However, an obstacle is more so of a test to see your willingness to continue going. Strengthening your abilities to think quickly and achieve greater outcomes. An obstacle can positively affect you and others by making you more stronger in both physical and mental ways. For example, in the book ‘The Outsiders’, Pony has to go through running away from the socs’ and his own family. Although he’s used to the average greaser life, Darry slapped him, and Johnny killed a soc. So, they had no choice but to go through the obstacle of thriving on their own in an abandoned church. Consequently, they eat the same meal every day, cut their hair and Pony goes blonde, and …show more content…

For example, my freshman year was filled with issues left and right, one being my feelings. While I started dating a Junior, which you shouldn’t do, he would talk about how beautiful he thought the girls were in the plays we performed. Making me feel extremely worthless, but in the end he said he still ‘loved’ me. However, my heart was shattered by the way he lusted for over girls so I decided to break it off and go through this on my own. Consequently, he became extremely obsessive towards me and wrote countless love/hate poems. He explained how my parasitic presence made him reminisce of the times he was happy and in love. He told me it was all my fault and the name Delilah was the name of the heart devourer, how no matter how sweet I was, just the sound of my voice rose the temperatures down to the earth’s core. So from the way he was being, everyone assumed I did something wrong. He left me feeling like if I were a devil in disguise plotting to make him fall for me so I can leave him. As a result, I learned that you have to truly know a boy before you date him, cause you never know when he might turn his back on they act towards the

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