Essay Comparing The Great Gatsby And A Streetcar Named Desire

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In both books `the great Gatsby` and a `streetcar named desire ` there are many themes in both of the books but one theme that occurred heavily in both of the books was love and deception. Both main characters had someone they loved or love and they try to grasp it. But both however end tragically at the during the last few chapters of the books.

Gatsby was a young millionaire, he had shady business connections which later in the book it revealed that he was a bootlegger he had a few obsessions but one that he couldn't stop thinking about was Daisy. Daisy was a young attractive women who once had a romantic relationship with Gatsby. Gatsby had wealth and status he just needed an attractive women by his side to complete his image but things did not work out. He told Daisy before he left to the military to wait for him. Once he got back he finds out Daisy is married to a man named Tom. Blanche was a middle aged high school English teacher she came from a wealthy family. Her family home and land have all been …show more content…

She then was furious and everything went bad after that. Stanley came back home and saw Blanche packing they chatted for awhile and then while things escalated Blanche trying to kill Stan. He avoided it and then proceeded to sexually abuse her. This lead to her becoming “crazy” she tried to tell Stella but she would not believe her or rather did not want to believe her so she called a doctor. The doctor came to their house Blanche thought she was seeing a rich old friend of hers but was the doctor. The doctor then proceeded to take her to the mental hospital.

The Great Gatsby and The Streetcar Named Desire both show how tough getting your loved ones to notice you are and how things can end badly if you make one wrong move. Unfortunately Gatsby and Blanche both made the wrong moves and their lives were ruined thanks to their deception and

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