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1. Ernestine Friedl says that the position of women is higher the more they are involved in (l) primary subsistence (as owners or controllers, NOT merely as laborers) and (2) the PUBLIC distribution of the product of subsistence. Use this argument to account for the position of women in Kung society. Make sure you use both part (l) and part (2) of Friedl’s argument. (Don’t worry that Friedl’s argument is simplistic; she is not trying to say that women’s role in subsistence is the ONLY factor that affects their position in society.)
As postulated by Ernstein Friedl, where as the social power of women can be directly attributed to the involvement of subsistence. The contribution to the !Kung society by the women can range from any
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Although, a woman provides nearly 60-80 percent of the food her contribution is not taken very seriously. The !Kung society expresses just how much more they appreciate the Men coming back with food by dancing and going into trance like states, whereas, when the women come back with food, the village expresses their adulation by greeting them. Women only get large responses when they bring back honey.
At the same time there is a certain amount of equality between the men and women. Women can perform much of the same tasks that the opposite sex does without much, if any, chastisement or ridicule. Females have about just as much say when it comes to the inner workings of the society like marriages, child rearing, child birth, and ownership of goods and land. Most females are the initiators of divorce as explained in the book. Sexual equality is probably the most apparent amongst the tribesmen and women. Women are at times are forthcoming in their wants and needs when it comes to their sexual appetites and advances.
All in all, If this was an either or scenario, I agree with the first position postulating that there is no equality amongst the !Kung. While the women do enjoy a larger degree of freedoms and equality they are not entirely equal as stated in the first paragraph. The position I am taking is purely out of technicality and not relative to other

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