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Alienated by a town he called his home, isolated by the same officials that were supposed to keep him safe, and abandoned by a justice system that was put in place to protect the innocent and condemn the guilty, Walter McMillan sits alone in his cell only to await his punishment for a crime he did not commit. This is a fatal flaw in the system that produces the exact opposite result of what is expected of them. We are trained to trust them in convicting the guilty criminals in order to keep ourselves and our communities safe. Sometimes, the innocent are penalized for the wrongdoings of others. Bryan Stevenson is a lawyer whose mission is to fix this problem when he hears of Walters case and believes he has been wrongfully accused of a …show more content…

The community should have kept to themselves and minded their own business instead of drawing harsh and unprecedented conclusions based on unrelated facts. Cheating has absolutely no correlation with murder. I understand that the citizens of Monroeville were eager to persecute because they were scared after the murder of a beautiful teen, but that is no excuse to accuse someone of a crime with no actual foundation of logic or facts. “Mercy” allowed me to draw the conclusion that even though we put law enforcement on a pedestal due to their power and authority, they are sinful humans just like the citizens. As much as we would like to think that the people we are entrusting with our lives are perfect beings that are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, that isn’t always the case. Politicians lie, some cops are racist, some of our political figures are corrupt. As I have tried to browse my brain for solutions regarding these problems, I have come up empty handed. It makes me wonder if any of his former coworkers noticed that he was corrupt. Did they agree with what he was doing? Did they not know what was going on? Did they notice and chose not to speak up? I know police corruption like this still happens in the present. As time goes on more and more police departments are being accused of abusing their power. For example, officers have been caught lying to protect other

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