Essay: Music Appreciation

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The Musical Composition that has changed my life to how I see music is the song The Stroke from Billy Squier. I did not really know the meaning of the song, but it really Widened my Horizon in terms of music from only before listening to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Monkeys. Then later being able to listen to Rush, AC/DC, Aerosmith And Other Really good rock bands that I still love today. Then I started collecting Records then I started collecting CDs, the first album I bought for myself is the majestic Black Sabbath Album “Paranoid” The album with the musical compositions Paranoid, Iron Man, War Pigs/Luke’s Wall, Planet Caravan, Rat Salad, Electric Funeral, And Fairies Wear Boots. This album was such an amazing introduction to Black…show more content…
Listening to all these music has introduced me to Playing guitar, Bass, listening for the melody, Taking a close observation of songs that interest me, look for interesting techniques, and listen for the complexity of the musical composition. My Introduction to rock music was actually the Beatles, but they really kept me in a little box when it came to what I wanted to hear besides the pop songs that I used to listen to as a child, who was mostly only exposed to rap and Hip Hop until the age of 8. Though the Beatles were really my first introduction to rock music, Billy Squier was the one that really gave me chance to break out of the little bubble I was in and explore more genres which I now have grown to love which are Rock, Metal, Blues, Alternative, Indie, Punk, Folk, Jazz, And If Played by the Fantastic Johnny Cash, Country. I have grown different views Than I had previously before when I’ve listened to music, now I tie it into more complex
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