Essay On A Modest Proposal

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A Modest Proposal is an audacious piece of writing aimed for more than just the country of Ireland. Jonathan Swift develops an objective plan of suggestions that would ironically do the complete opposite of what he wanted to achieve. His primary goal, along with many others, was to improve the country’s economy. This in turn led to an exaggerated piece in which the author recommends his country to eat the less valuable of the bunch; hoping to decrease hunger, overpopulation, and increase market income. Swift’s plan begins with a solution to end poverty. The proposal explains that the families with the least amount of money but have the most mouths to feed, should fatten their youngest children and sell them to land owners or meat markets. In this scenario, Swift treats the youngest children (starting at age one) as pieces of meat. This theory is expressed through a set of statistics, in which Swift’s argument becomes stronger. Thus, his solution would help decrease unemployment in the country and allow those big families to inherit better income.

Furthermore, the author inclines the reader to wrap their head around a topic that is morally corrupt through a series of ironic ideas. …show more content…

Fattening children and feeding them to the rich signifies the social injustice found within Ireland, the rich are prioritized while the poor seem to be accused for their position and their lack of compassion. Swift's ultimate argument compares cannibalism to human corruption. Eating each other would be ruining the nation, which was a hypothetical solution used to solve the issues of inhumanity. This proposal explains that the nation is actually consuming itself. The social and political problems of Ireland are the primary concern within this piece of writing, although it seems as if the author was originally only interested for economic prosperity as the normal, everyday citizen truly only worries about

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