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Abingdon, Virginia is a small town that is located on former hunting grounds; in the intersection of two Indian trails. As Beth stated; small towns in Virginia, are what makes this state so charming. Did you know Daniel Boone originally named the town Wolf Hills while he was blazing a trail through the wilderness? He named it Wolf Hills after a pack of wolves attacked his dogs during a hunting expedition. (Barnette) Unique attractions are what makes visiting Abingdon an experience like no other. I have never experienced traveling; therefore, I will definitely make this my first trip. I enjoy nature and extraneous activities; therefore, this is the ideal place to visit. Abingdon was founded in the eighteenth century and is currently the home to nearly 8,206 people. This town has been the political center of Washington County since 1778. The first courthouse and postal office were established in Abingdon, VA. The Tavern is one of the oldest buildings of Abingdon, west of the Blue Ridge Mountain; that was built in 1779. …show more content…

Martha Washington College was operated from 1860 to 1932, it was named after the Nation's First Lady. The college remained open past the Civil War, but it was later closed down during the Great Depression. In 1774, they built a Black Fort for local settlers to protect them from attacks by the Cherokee of the Lower Towns. In 1778, Black's Fort was incorporated as the town of Abingdon. Abingdon’s oldest burial ground, Sinking Spring Cemetery, is also on Valley Street at the junction of Russell Road. In use since the early 1770s, the cemetery contains the graves of some of Abingdon’s most prominent residents. (Abingdon Historic

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