Essay On Iraq 2003

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This is a globally focused work because it provides a historical perspective to an event that I already have some knowledge. However, the majority of this information was things that I did not know too much about. More than offering the Iraqi perspective to the American invasion in 2003. It achieves this more strictly by showing the living conditions before as well as after American liberation and includes information about cultural differences and the conflicts that resulted between Americans and Iraqis.

Short summary:
The opening of the film shows the condition of Iraq prior to American “Liberation” It stresses the effects that poverty has had on the people, most only made the equivalent of 3-10 dolars in a week, this includes people …show more content…

Hussein even told one of his war generals that Allah would perform a miracle of the iraqi army as it was the only army that fought for Allah. The Iraq troops were abandoned by officers and higher ranking personnel to lead them, and after day three had no more communication with any generals. The bombing of Baghdad had teft the city quick and evacuated, one iraq referred to it as dead. The focused then switched to removing a statue of Hussein and reshaping the country and offered a mix of Iraqi responses to the results of this plans such as indefinitely closing factories, giving exils positions of leadership, and disbanding the military. All three, according to some, added to the uncertainty of life for Iraqi citizens. Lastlly was the capture of Hussein where the dispute about Iraq involvement in his capture and intelligence remains unsolved and ignored by most Americans

Your reflection/review of the work, in about 450 words: A lot about his film surprised me. To begin with, the film opened with a landscape of Iraq, which looked nothing like how I thought it would. THe images that I see of Iraq are of desserts or markets and while these things are in Iraq the roads and bridges look almost identical to those in the United States. Additionally, one of the parts of the film that interested me was how the Americans received training in order to make interactions easier

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