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Angel Wings Children Community Center Although there are many differences between immigrants and American citizens, there are ways to overcome these differences to provide a peaceful coexistence such as a children's community center and food fairs. Putnam county has a beautiful area at the city docks to hold such food fairs. Putnam County is in dire need of a community center for our children. The children have no place to go after school or on the weekends. This causes our children to hang with the wrong crowds and get into trouble. Our children need a place to feel safe and secure. I propose to open Angel Wings Children Community Center a non profit Community Center for all children no matter of race, origin or nationality. Angel Wings will use grants and donations from private donors to sustain the center.…show more content…
Angel Wings will assist immigrants to work towards citizenship, learn English and deal with life in a new country through the multicultural volunteer program. The community can learn some of the immigrant culture such as food, clothing and language, by learning from each other’s difference can bring the people together. Cultures may be different, but peope all have the same needs and desires. Angel Wings will not discriminate against any child who wishes to attend. Angel Wings will apply for grants thru United Stated Department of Agriculture Rural Development, USDA, which provides grants to low income communities with a median household income of 80% below the state median income and a population of 5,500 or less (Community Facilities Direct Loan). Angel Wings will be recognized by the IRS as a Section 501 C 3 charitable organization whereas none of the earnings will inure to any private shareholder or individual (Exemption Requirement). Angel Wings will be able to provide volunteers hours to anyone who has to do community service for school or public
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