The Invention Of Wings By Sue Monk Kidd

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Having no rights, being owned by other people, and being punished as your “master” sees fit. This was the reality for many people around the world in the early 1800 's. In the novel The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd, this is illustrated clearly from the views of a white woman, Sarah Grimkè, and the perspective of a black woman, Hetty “Handful” Grimkè who was under the Grimke’s ownership. Sarah opposed the way of life for Southerners in Charleston where slavery was a common occurrence in every white’s household. With her abolitionist views, Sarah treats Handful as if she was any other white. In The Invention of Wings, slavery is seen from two perspectives: one is from the whites who see it as necessary and useful to have…show more content…
At the age of eleven Sarah was given a waiting maid. She rebels against slavery through declining her gift. Missus said, “This is our little Hetty. Sarah, dear, she is your present, your very own waiting maid."… Miss Sarah said,"… I don 't need a waiting maid… I 'm perfectly fine without one" (Kidd 14). Making this kind of comment in front of a large family gathering brought shame to the Grimkè household. Sarah knew this and still took this risk to stand for her abolitionist views. Even at a young age Sarah has always opposed the use of slaves. After being told she has no choice but to take Handful she treats Handful the best she can. This causes a relationship to spark between the two of them which was unheard of in that time period. In addition to Sarah refusing her birthday present, which was Handful, she takes it a step further and teaches Handful how to read. Turning, I watched her carry the lantern to my dressing table, light swilling about her feet. When she set it down, I said, “Hetty, shall I teach you to read?” (Kidd 57). Being able to read and write was considered powerful, which is why it was against the law to teach a black person to read. Only the elite should have that ability. Sarah taking this risk for Handful demonstrates how willing she is to “free” Handful in any way she can. The uncanny relationship between the two, sparks a set of values in them that will continuously shape their lives.
As Sarah grew older and her relationship with Handful
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