Essay On Animal Farm Propaganda

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Languages of Propaganda
Propaganda is a way of information in an effort to manipulate or influence society. The language people use in a persuasive speech, news articles, or other communicating articles of can be a very powerful tool for propaganda. There are many different types of propaganda such as suggestion/stimulation, hints, insinuations, indirect statement, and appeal to the known desire/fear, songs, slogans, and poems (American Historical Association). All of these were used in the 1946 novel, Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. Also most of these methods in modern day. In the novel they use propaganda to show how a revolution, no matter how good a person's intentions is at first, can slowly turn into a system that was no better than when they began. Language used in propaganda is a very powerful tool.
In the novel written by Orwell propaganda is used to manipulate the idea and the feeling of the animals. One of the pigs in the novel that made most of the speeches and used the most propaganda was “Squealer.” It was so easy for the speech maker to convince the other animals what would happen or what they were going to change. Squealer used the fear of “Mr.Jones” coming back, blamed snowball for everything that went wrong, and convinced the animals that everything was okay and to keep working. Another thing is when the pigs changed all …show more content…

In the novel they liked to use a lot of fear as a method, but in today’s society they want to either use a positive way or a way that will eventually convince a person to do as the advertisement says. People can learn from examining that advertisement with propaganda used in many ways can place a positive image or message in viewer’s eyes so they will do as the person wants them to do. Some people do not even realize when they are being persuaded to do something. Language used in propaganda is a very powerful

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