Essay On Autism And Family Stress

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While there are varying levels of stress in any type of relationship, studies have found that the parents of children with autism can often have elevated stress due to their child’s disability. A study done by Patricia A. Rao of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, and Deborah C. Beidel of the University of Central Florida, shows results of these parents having higher levels of stress that is linked to their child. The study was performed using surveys and questionnaires given to families, 15 as a control group and 15 that had children with autism. The researchers studied answers about many different parts of these families’ lives. With the level of parent stress this end was reached, “On the Parenting Stress Index, there was a significant between group difference in total parenting stress, with the [autism] group scoring significantly higher than the parents of normal controls” (Biedel, Rao 443). These different parents identified things such as demandingness, hyperactivity, need for a …show more content…

In another study, research was focused on how the family’s choices, social life, and other activities are affected by that fact that one of their children has autism. This study was performed through 9 families who all had a boy with autism, and these participants provided information through interviews and information about their family life. Some parents along with teachers and other specialists came up for the routine while others allowed their child to be a decision maker in what they wanted. In both cases, it seemed to be a fifty-fifty chance of it being a total success or needing more work. Once a routine was found successful, it became an integrated part of the family life. Parents had other siblings become part of the routines and moved things around in their own lives to help the child have better success

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