Essay On Black Religion

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The dark tint represents the large population of Africans in Africa before the Europeans came. “Some estimate that without slavery the population of Africa would have been double the 25m it had reached by 1850”(BBC). Before Europeans invaded Africa, Africa had a population of 25 million people. The large population helped Africa maintain strong kingdoms such as Axum and Mali.
The black color of the Supra represents the variety of traditional religions that different African groups worshipped. The color black can represent all different religions since the mix of all colors make black, therefore black can represent a mixture of many religions that different Africans practiced. “The first opinion is that there are several African Religions. The reason given is that these religions are tribal / clan based and therefore there are as many religions as there are tribes / clans” (African Mission). The variety of traditional religions allowed Africans to practice any religion freely. When missionaries from Europe came, many Africans accepted …show more content…

The system of African kingdoms allowed them to be more organized and have more control in across the kingdom. The order brought by the hierarchal system strengthened kingdoms by having less disputes and being more unified.
The clean, clear hood represents how little conflict there was in Africa and the unification of Africa. “They also shared other cultural characteristics such as matrilineal social organization and a cosmology expressed in their religious beliefs and practices”(Captivity). Africa was once unified and had a syncretism between different cultures across Africa. The bond shared within each kingdom made Africa stronger and invulnerable to European

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