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Should the U.S federal government adopt a carbon tax to decrease c02 emissions of public and private franchises.
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution machinery and surface temperatures have been on the rise. Some may argue that the increasing temperatures are strictly due to the rise of machinery and less strict efficiency standards. The U.S has been debating what methods are efficient for combating increasing emissions some argue that a carbon tax has many positive impacts some say if one were to be adopted they would need reforms. This paper will dive deep into the the effects of climate of change and whether or not a carbon tax can fully help to decrease these emissions.
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With this being said the impacts of climate change are current in the status quo the question is what can the U.S and other countries do to limit the level of these impacts. The second biggest impact from climate change being seen today is the melting of the glaciers. This plays a huge role in the environment for three key reasons. First is the change to the e Ecosystem GRUMBINE
Discusses the environmental impact of glaciers melting in the Himalayas. Well in grumbine study he discusses how the increase in average temperature by even 1 degree Celsius would have a huge impact on the region. The first thing grumbine discusses is how climate change and melting of glaciers can sometimes be a good thing. In his research paper he discusses how the excessive amount of water in the area has contributed to the large amount of biodiversity in the region. Grumbine later in his study talks about the situation in China where the Melting of glaciers has come to them as a blessing. Grumbine states that 12% of runoff is glacier discharge which provides water 25% of the people in western China during the off season.
2. Economical effects of climate change
Along with environmental changes the U.S and other countries have seen major changes to the economy since sea levels have been on the rise and temperatures have

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