Essay On Chicago World's Fair Of 1893

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The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 was one of the most memorable and historical moments in American history other than the Civil War. However, some people do not know what went on during the fair. They only think that people came together and the Ferris wheel that was there, now in Navy Pier, debut there. The Chicago World's Fair of 1893 may be a memorable event. But the majority of Americans don't know how extraordinary it was. A lot of inventions were debut at the fair that people really do not know about. One of them being Wrigley’s Gum. The man who invented this was William Wrigley Jr. Wrigley sold soap and baking soda and gum on the side. He gave the gum out to people in the fair just for fun. He soon noticed that the gum became popular and began to make more …show more content…

The fair had several palaces and buildings home to things unlike anything you have ever seen. These palaces have incredible detail put into them to showcase what each palace meant. From the Palace of Forestry to the Palace of Electricity. Each palace has a thing that represents there country in each palace or building in the fair. Like the French art in the Liberal Arts Building to the wood from various parts of the USA. Several artifacts from all over the world are even showcased in various buildings or palaces. Like china desert services that Queen Victoria used and the Mosco Vase that was owned by the Pope. Some people do argue that the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 was just like any other fair that Illinois would have annually. This was ten times different. Not only does it have the words, World’s Fair, in it, but it was already hard just to get Chicago to be a reprehensive for the fair. Other well-known cities, like New York, were in the ballot for voting. Some of the buildings from the far are still standing. Examples are: The Palace of Fine Arts is now the Museum of Science and Industry, the Osaka Japanese Garden, and the

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