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Civil Commitment Every individual is accorded with civil liberties which are protected both by the federal and state laws. They cannot be deprived with their liberties without due process of law except when there are compelling reasons to do so. One of the processes which deprive impaired persons from their civil liberties is civil commitment. The State of Utah (2016) defines civil commitment as a legal process of incarcerating an individual with symptoms involving several mental illnesses by providing compulsory, court-ordered treatment. Individuals are detained and are restricted from their movements because the illnesses they have may pose imminent danger to others or even themselves. For the purposes of this paper, the topic to be assessed…show more content…
First, a law enforcement officer can only detain an individual when the officer believes that the person to be detained meets the commitment criteria. This belief must be based on a probable cause. The person can only be detained for up to 72 hours in the hospital (Greenley, n.d.). The issuance of further detention can only be authorized by a court after the expiration of the 72 hour limit (Greenley, n.d.). Second, the petition may be signed by three adults, at least one of whom believes that the person to be detained needs to be civilly admitted. The third way to start a commitment commences when a person is already in a psychiatric hospital (Greenley, n.d.). In this regard, the patient may be detained by the treatment director if he believes that the person needs to he admitted (Greenley, n.d.). The Risk of Civil Commitment The use of civil commitment or involuntary hospitalization is controversial because it involves a serious deprivation of a person's liberty. Mental health practitioners must evaluate the risk in the context of civil commitment. References State of Utah. (2016). Civil Commitment. Retrieved from
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