Essay On Constantine Conversion

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The conversion of Constantine played a significant role in a variety of ways within the history church of the Church. As such, some of the more prominent ones will be discussed herein. First, the Church moved from behind the curtain to center stage of culture and history. Prior to Constantine’s conversion, Christianity suffered tremendously at the hands of the Roman Empire often because they were seen as “atheist” and in opposition to the traditional and glorious Roman ways. However, through the conversion of Constantine, Christianity was not longer considered the religion of the outcast and uneducated. Now, during the reign of Constantine it was all but the official religion of the Roman Empire, and even some years later it became the official religion of the empire under the reign of Theodosius. Christians began to be placed in positions of authority and honor. In turn, there was an increasing respect for the once disparaged religion. Second, and closely akin, due to the close relationship of Church and State, Christianity would move from a place of persecuted and poverty to a place of authority and wealth, even, sadly, at times persecuting others. Eventually, this budding …show more content…

In a matter of years the landscape of Christianity was vast changed for better or for worse. Personally, it seems to me that Constantine’s conversion had an overall positive impact on the Church propelling it forward in cultural and history. It would be difficult to image, considering that God often works through the means of humanity, that Christian would have expanded as expansively and successfully as it did if it remained in the state of persecution. Furthermore, with the human reality of sin present throughout history stumbles of the Church are going to be unavoidable. Thanks be to God that his grace is sufficient, his mercy is abundant, and his sovereign reign is for our good and his

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