Essay On Daniel Munnczek Edelman

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This made me perceive myself as if I were subordinate or not enough, later on I found out that was not it; but for a while that was my battle. Daniel Munczek Edelman in his short academic journal also writes about the fear his mother had of him being different and not being able to speak the language (English), “My immigrant mother freaked out when I couldn't speak English at the beginning of nursery school.” (Edelman 59.40). His mother knew how hard it would be for him not knowing the language, how the difference of his culture would and could affect him. This article was written in two-thousand thirteen, it is a recent article proving that the differences in cultures are still relevant. His anecdote is essential because he gives background to what goes on in the differences of culture and examples of how culture has perceptions and how it can shape oneself. “My boss, half African-American and half white herself, jokingly called me "half-caste," insisting that I would one day admit that I wasn't totally white.” (Edelman 59.40) This justifies my point that the way we look does have an influence on the way others view “us”. Daniel Munczek Edelman’s boss did joke about his ethnicity because of the way he looked, he didn’t totally look like his other ethnicities and didn’t really involve himself …show more content…

How does culture affect our self-identity? By the way we are branded with our culture, our own culture gives us this identity and since it is given to us then we view and judge other cultures and the people involved with them. That is how racism comes into play. Racism, some may say originates from back when slavery and inequality was still ongoing; in a way it did, but it essentially derived from culture and its perceptions. The differences in culture of the “whites” and the “blacks” and the “whites” thinking they were

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