What Makes My Micheal Boundaries

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Micheal burries
The life of Mikey^^

Have you ever wondered how someone describes their background and personality. Well everyone has a culture and everyone describes it differently. No culture is the same. Culture is a person's heritage or lifestyle. It’s how a person goes day by day living happy. Culture is what you do on a daily basis also it tells people how you define yourself. Culture is basically the human definition. My cultural identity reflects my lifestyle ish… and is how i portray myself to others.

When you think of religion you probably think christian, jewish, and all type of monotheistic religions, even the egyptian or roman gods. Religion is about believing in a higher power and it also serves as a place to go after the stang unknow thing called death. Also religion is based on principles, well it used to be. In my culture religion is a way of life. Most people i know are christians or have christian beliefs but i know some muslims and jewish people. All of these people have principles and rituals they do because their belief is strong. Religion is extremely important to me. Not …show more content…

Not only am I one of the smallest people in my family but i can eat. My food culture ranges from down-south-cooking to northern styles of cooking because of my multiracial family. In my family if you don’t eat than you have issues. My family's culture from food is massive i could not state everything i've tried. But it’s not just my family i've tried many types of dishes from teachers and friends alike. All have given off the sense of comfort food or homestyle cooking. Food to me is huge. Not only do u need it to survive but the food you choose to eat describes you in a way. There's multiple ways that i can describe someone's food eating habits. For example i see someone eat out all the time to me that means someone doesn’t know how to cook. Or if i see the someone love a certain type of food that to me tells me about

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