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Demographics Approximately 1300 athletes from thirty-seven countries competed in Olympics game held in Los Angeles, in 1932. The games commenced on 30th July 1932 and came to an end on 14th August 1932. This participation was considered poor when compared to other Olympic games held before. The poor participation was due to the economic depression that was being experienced worldwide. This made it expensive for participants to travel all the way to California and back. For those who managed to attend, the Olympic village was located in Baldwin Hills, which covered 321 acres (Epting, 2002). All male athletes were hosed in 500 bungalows that had a direct access to a post office, kitchens that served various cuisines, hospitals, and a library. Female participants stayed in hotels down town Los Angeles. For the Los Angeles Coliseum, …show more content…

Initially, medals were presented on the last day of the games. Most participants did not collect their awards because after participating on their respective games, they would go back home. In the 1932 Olympics, medals were awarded as soon as the sport was over (Epting, 2002). A platform was introduced for the three best performers in every category. A flag would be raised as the national anthem of the winning category as played for each game. The second most significant change is that women were allowed to participate in more than three events. It was unfair that Babe had to choose only three events out of the five she was good in. Timing and photo camera was also a new invention at the Olympic Games. This brought in more accuracy in the games. From the games, in America, so many changes were discovered, most of which are being used even today. More countries now are able to participate in the games unlike the 37 that attended in the 1932 Olympic Games. The opening and closing ceremonies are also very colorful with a lot of

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