Essay On Discrimination In Australia

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Australia has a history imbued with controversial views on matters of cultural diversity, with a multicultural reputation; consisting of individuals from over ‘100 ethnic backgrounds’ (Smolicz 1997, pg.171). These controversial disputes have been displayed by the behaviours of the majority Anglo-Christian culture representing Australia. A significant amount of hostility has been predominantly towards Muslims, and their notorious reputation promoted by Western nations. Assimilation is described as the ‘process by which a group or an individual adjusts their behaviour to suit’ the social cohesion and culture of the majority larger group (Foroutan, 2008, p.222). Thus, the lack of acceptance and media provocation of Muslims has made it increasingly …show more content…

Since 1901, Australia’s constitution contained in S.116, established the ‘Freedom of Religion’, whereby claiming explicitly that the commonwealth cannot make laws ‘prohibiting the free exercise of any religion’ (Aph, 2016, para.10). However, withstanding the overt racism confronted by Muslims, it appears Australia is not completely upholding the obligations it is signatory to. Mosque animosity demonstrates the attitudes of some Australians towards Muslims, due to their violent reaction towards them. The construction of the Narre Warren mosque had been rejected by the council due to the uproar of individual Australians opposing it (Dow, 2016). The proposal received a total of 1003 objections from the local Narre Warren residents, recognising an increased amount of prejudice occurring in the latter part of the twenty-first century (Dow, 2016). There is a panic with having multi-ethnic groups in Australia. The issue with mosques exists is due not to racism, but because of a strong national pride which Anglo-Christian Australians have; thus they fear the nation’s culture will be disintegrated with the arrival of media-torn groups, such as Muslims – hence why they would prefer for them to assimilate, rather than celebrate their religious

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