Dystopian Narrative of Eiling Essay

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The stone hollow echoed with dozens of small breaths and the clunky shuffling of chairs and tables. The lighting pulsated, from glowing orbs, the color of mandarins, positioned near walls throughout the room. Every child in the room was quiet in fear of disobeying and in pure content that today was another school day. Eilig sat in the back left of the room, at an ancient wooden desk with years worth of scratches and pen marks. Everyone else’s desks were identical: a scribbled-out heart an inch away from the corner, a deep, inch long scratch on the side. The silence was contagious until a woman entered the room, with hare-like features she clutched a clipboard, needle-like claws holding the soft wood in place. “Good morning, students.” An …show more content…

The boy next to him had warm, canine eyes and was staring, relaxed, at the glowing orb over his shoulder. Eilig closed his eyes; after last night’s lack of sleep, his thinking was foggy and his heartbeat was slow. As his eyes closed a thought raced through his head. What did I just read? It didn’t feel logical at the moment. How can thinking be a sin? He jerked awake, abruptly prodding his neighbor with his budding horns. He yelped in surprise, then went back to reading and gawking at the relaxing orbs. As Eilig glanced at one, his thoughts jumbled again. Well of course being different is bad! As he looked away, the same protesting thoughts came back. Curiosity overwhelmed him, and he poked the fox-boy next to him. He didn’t react, eyes still glued to the orbs, as many others still were. He mumbled, drowsily, “Isn’t it beautiful in here? I just can’t get around to the reading.” He paused. “I feel so at peace.” His words drowned down to a sigh at the end, right as someone cleared their throat and the next lesson began. ~ Eilig left school, starting down the winding, glittering blue path to the bottom of the city, where he and his family lived. His hooves clicked softly on the sparkling quartz and various ores. The sky up above swirled in dark, mysterious galaxies even though it was only 3pm. It had been this way since Eilig was

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