Essay On Egyptian Afterlife

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In the Egyptian religion, there is belief in an afterlife. The Egyptians believe that another life continued after one has died. Because their beliefs were true, the time of Ancient Egyptians developed rituals regarding the death and burial of a person. These tasks would prepare the deceased soul to reach the good place and ensure a good afterlife. The afterlife to the Egyptian was a place of bliss, delight, and peace. Death occupied the Egyptians they believed that after death they would pass through the dark and terrifying place called the underworld. Before a person's soul can rest he or she would prepare as a mortal, be mummified, and take the journey of tests before passing through the underworld into the afterlife.
The Egyptian believed that before the mortal one is ready to take the journey, he or she would designate a person to manage their death. This designated person would take on the responsibilities of preparing the body and tomb for burial. The person getting ready to take the journey would read from "The Book of The Dead" and there he or she would retrieve their secret name. Not allowed to be talked about was the secret name, until a certain time in the journey and would enable the dead to overcome obstacles and follow the right path of the underworld. It also granted protection and help of the gods. After the secret name is given, then he or she would then prepare their tomb. The tomb is an important process, usually the deceased were mummified and buried in a minimum of two boxes,
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They created great rituals that would support their beliefs through mummification and the journey to the underworld. In time, the Egyptian way may not have lived on but it brought a history to refer to, and in this paper, I have explained to the best of my knowledge about the Ancient Egyptian way of preparing for a good afterlife, with the techniques of mummification and rituals taken part in the
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